For Coordinators and Facilitators

E-Coach Documents

E-coach is designed for SFP coordinators to send out weekly to SFP facilitators.  Each document contains a summary of the three sections (Youth, Parent/Caregiver and Family) for that week.  The summary serves as a reminder to facilitators about content for the week:

Certificate of Completion Samples

These certificates are examples that can be adapted by each local site.

Sample 1 (MS Word document)
Sample 2 (MS Word document)

Iowa State University COVID Resources for SFP 10-14 Facilitators

List of resources located on the Iowa State University SFP web site to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subjects range from: Activities, Finances, Mental Health, Nutrition, and more.

Iowa State University SFP 10-14 Session Activities – “7 Emails”

Use these 7 documents to reach past or current SFP 10-14 families with some short activities and tools from the curriculum. You can email them directly to your families or print them and send them through the mail. These are meant to help stay connected to your families during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Facilitator Responsibilities

Use these sheets to help your team determine who will take responsibility for each section of the program.

Parent (MS Word documents) | Youth (MS Word documents) | Family (MS Word documents)

Print/Download Spanish Language Session Posters

Parent 1A (pdf) | Family 1 (pdf) | Youth 1B (pdf)

Parent 2 (pdf) | Family 2 (pdf) | Youth 2 (pdf)

Family 3 (pdf)

Family 4 (pdf)

Family 5 (pdf) | Youth 5 (pdf)

Parent 6 (pdf) | Family 6 (pdf)

Family 7 (pdf)