E-Coach SFP Week One

Week 1 – Love and Limits

NOTE: There is 1 DVD for parents/caregivers

Parent Session

Ask participants to introduce themselves and set ground rules for each week (post these ground rules each week thereafter).

Start DVD; Parent/caregivers will discuss the qualities they want their youth to develop. Ask participants to list these qualities on sticky notes and place on figure of a teen. Resume DVD and process questions and discuss different parenting styles and what youth learn about themselves and about parents with different approaches, observe the “love and limits” approach to parenting on the DVD. Distribute Things I Do Well As A Parent sheets. Ask participants to complete, then follow directions for interpreting the inventory. (Do they show more love or limits?) Ask parent/caregivers what they wanted to be when they were 10-14 years of age/share responses with group. Resume DVD.

Home Practice – notice one time during the week when limits are set and when love is shown. Distribute “Love and Limits” magnets and SFP Home Practice card; prepare for the Family session – hand out Questions about the Treasure Map cards; say Parent Creed.

Youth Session

Ask youth to introduce themselves and set ground rules for each week (post these ground rules each week thereafter). Remember to develop consequences if rules are not followed.

Start off with the “Get-Acquainted” game – two teams trying to say the other person’s name first, with a sheet in between the teams (ten minutes). Explain the seven week program. Conduct round of compliments. Distribute piece of paper to each youth for them to write a dream or goal. Draw one out of the basket and write it on a flip chart – brainstorm what steps we need to complete in order to fulfill the goal. Make a treasure map. Prepare for family session – hand out When You Were my Age cards. Say Youth Creed.

Family Session

Start with the knot game. Have families view treasure maps and identify their youth’s map. Seat families together and have parents read Questions About the Treasure Map card to youth. Have youth ask questions on the When You Were My Age card. Ask parents/caregivers and youth what they learned about each other. Turn families’ attention to the flipchart from the youth session about steps to complete to reach a dream or goal. Using an example from a treasure map, have families brainstorm steps to complete a goal as a group. Have each family discuss their youth’s dreams & goals and develop steps that can help the dream come true.

Play “How well do we know each other?” game.

Create closing circle and each person says a closing phrase. Parents – “One of my son’s or daughter’s goals is….” Youth – “One of my goals for the future is…..” Say Youth, Parent and Family Creeds.