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Strengthening Families Program

Program Evaluation

Evaluations are administered to program participants during the first (pretest) and last (posttest) sessions of the 7-week Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14. Some facilitators also choose to administer a retrospective pretest (“thentest”) in additional to the traditional pretest and posttest. Youths and parents/caregivers complete evaluations separately, and all evaluations are confidential.

WSU is now collaborating with several state agencies (including the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Community Technology and Economic Development, the Family Policy Council, the Department of Health, and several school districts) to conduct a uniform statewide evaluation of SFP. The collection of program implementation and outcome data has allowed us to see where the program is being delivered regularly, how many people attend, and how effective the program is.

Outcome Evaluation

The WSU adult caregiver evaluation includes scales developed by Iowa State researchers for the original SFP research trial. The WSU youth evaluation includes scales from the Healthy Youth survey administered in Washington State schools. All scales and items are used by permission or are in the public domain.

The complete evaluation consists of the following:

1. Forms To Be Completed By Lead Facilitator/Program Provider:

  • Contact Sheet: Basic program information (date, location, main contact)
  • Implementation Survey: In-depth information about the program, including site coordinator contact information and program budgeting.
  • Attendance Sheet (PDF): Weekly attendance information for all participants.

2. Instructions for Administering the Evaluation:

  • Pretest Evaluation Protocols: Instructions for administering the first-night evaluation toparents/caregivers and youth
  • Posttest Evaluation Protocols: Instructions for administering the last-night evaluation toparents/caregivers and youth

3. Forms To Be Completed By Parents/Caregivers and Youth:

4. Implementation and Outcome Reports

Evaluation reports are prepared by faculty, program staff, and graduate students in the Department of Human Development at Washington State University and sent back to those who submit outcome data.

5. Submitting the evaluation for processing

Please send completed evaluations and implementation forms to:

Laura Hill (email)
Department of Human Development
PO Box 4852
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-4852

Presenting the Evaluation Procedure at a Training

A video describing WSU evaluation background and procedure can be accessed here


Evaluation Checklist – Coordinator (link) | Facilitator (link)

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